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Client Details
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DSC Tuner Haven
Customer Comments:
Yet another successful web presence to add to the Infinity Design Studios list ! In my quest to create an online domestic sport car enthusiasts site, my number one priority was to get only what I needed to host the site. Since this site is non-profit, keeping the costs down while providing the hosting we needed was my main focus. As in the past, I turned to Infinity Design Studios to solve my problems, and as usual, they did it with flying colors. My site has been up and operational for a couple of months now with no downtime whatsoever. Our members are impressed with the uptime the site has since many other sites spend more time offline then on. Thanks to Infinity Design Studios, we have a presence on the Web representing domestic sports cars, unlike any other. Mark Lawson - Owner, DSC Tuner Haven
Welcome to the place for the Domestic Sport Compact (DSC) enthusiast. We've compiled a list of sites for the tuner to reference to find all the parts they could ever want for their domestic sport compact car. So if you've got a Chevy Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Dodge/Plymouth Neon, Ford Focus, or some other domestic 4 or 6 cylinder vehicle, be sure to bookmark this site and visit us often. While DSC's are our passion here at the 'Haven, we welcome owners of any and all vehicles in our online forums. Our members all share the common interest of tuning vehicles so if you've got a question, want to provide an opinion about new products, or just want to talk with others who share your passion for tuning, check out the forums, become a member, and visit often.
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