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Client Details
Client Name:
Website Design
Search Engine Marketing
Customer Comments:
Hi Patrick, thank you for helping me turn my dream into a reality. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. You literally held my hand through the entire process, your expertise helped re-assure me of my goals. Your focus and dedication is reflected through the quality of your work. During my time working with you on this project, I always felt like i was your number one priority, you were easy to work with and always open to new ideas. This experience will definitely set the standard for any future web design project! Ar Yang - Owner, SouaSue.com
All SouaSue products are designed by Ar, and manufactured in China by small family-run businesses. Everything is hand-made and unique. All our products are made with the intent of allowing an individual to select a unique design that compliments their taste. Our products are guaranteed to be comfortable and very low maintenance. Souasue skirts are replicas and new designs of original Hmong skirts, which were made entirely of hemp, indigo dyes, and decorated with needlework embroidery and ribbons. The original Hmong skirts are very bulky and extremely complicated to produce and even harder to upkeep.
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